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Top 5 Hue specialities you should try when visiting the former Imperial Capital of Vietnam

For frequent travellers, experience the local cuisine is an irreplaceable part of their trip. If you’re a foodie, your trip to Vietnam would be completed without visiting Hue, the gastronomy capital of Vietnam. This article will introduce you to the top 5 dishes you should try when visiting Hue.

1.    Bun bo Hue – the most popular dish in Hue

bún bò giò heo

Bun Bo Hue is a specialty of Hue and is favoured by people from different regions of Vietnam as well as foreign travellers. The combination of the rich broth, the spicy taste of the chili sauce, the energizing scent of the lemongrass and the special flavor of the fermented shrimp paste have created a dish that is hard to resist.

2.    Bun thit nuong

bun thit nuong hue viet nam

Char-grilled pork with rice noodles is a familiar dish to the Vietnamese but Hue’s rendition of “Bun thit nuong” has its own distinctive taste that enchants your culinary journey in Hue. 

3.    Nem lui – Char-grilled pork patties on lemongrass stick

Nem lui Hue

Made with grounded pork, attached on a lemongrass skewer, grilled over charcoal, Nem Lui has an unique taste that you will never forget once you have tried it. The best way to enjoy Nem Lui is to wrap it in a thin rice paper with a lot of fresh herbs and dip it “nuoc leo” – peanut sesame sauce.

4.    Hue steamed cakes

Banh bot loc Hue

The steamed cakes in Hue are probably one of the most-wanted dishes for food connoisseurs. The most famous Hue steamed cakes include: Banh Beo (water-fern cake), Banh Bot Loc (Vietnamese tapioca dumplings) and Banh Nam (rice dumplings with grounded shrimp and pork on top).

5.    Che Hue – Hue-style sweet soup

Che Hue

After a day full of sightseeing in the burning hot weather of Hue, there is nothing better than a bowl of refreshing “che”. Sweet soups can be consumed as a dessert or a mid-day snack. There are many variations of sweet soup, each type has its own signature ingredients, texture, taste, and smell.

Source: Spice Viet

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